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Conforma Reduce

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Conforma Reduce
is Absorbed through
Intact Skin

  • DCA physically disrupts the cell membrane of adipocytes causing cell death; fat is more sensitive to the cytolytic effects of DCA than relatively protein-rich tissues such as skin and muscle. (Dermatol Surg 2010;36:899-908)

  • KybellaTM (DCA injection; Allergan/Kythera Biopharmaceuticals) was approved as a first-in-class injectable drug for submental fat reduction in 2015.


  • The dose-limiting side effects of DCA injection are pain, swelling, and inflammation

Conforma Reduce
contains Molecular Nano-assembled DCA

Conforma-Reduce is a thermodynamically stable dispersion of DCA in the form of 2 nm particles (as observed by TEM (transmission electron microscopy).

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Deoxycholic Acid

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Conforma Reduce 
Clinical Study

CONFORMA REDUCE cream significantly decreased the surface area and volume of the chin region when measured at 4 and 8 weeks, compared to placebo. PLUS: No adverse dermal effects were reported with CONFORMA REDUCE.

Double Chin Area Changes

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Starting Point

4 weeks

8 weeks

(24% reduction)

Conforma Reduce cream was utilized in 42 women (mean age 47.8 y.o.) with daily topical administration. • At weeks 4 and 8, DSLR and Vectra XT measure the area (pixel) and volume of the double chin was assessed.

Conforma Reduce 

PUBLISHED LETTER: Skin Res Technol 2023

Topical formulation of sodium deoxycholate for submental lipolysis

Read the report on clinical assessment of Conforma Reduce on Double chin reduction 

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