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Reshaping molecules to improve
their physical characteristics

Conformational Aesthetics
utilizes a Novel Technology Platform

Our Technology alters the shape of molecules to enhance absorption deep into the skin and allow for:


  • Increased bioavailability (~10X)

  • Less invasive administration 

    (topical vs injectable)


  • Our formulations require  lower concentrations while being considerably more effective

Along with the superior absorption,
our Push/Pull technology enhances the absorption and performance of other skin care products such as:


  • Vitamin C

  • Retinol, AHA

  • BHA

when used together with Conforma HA.

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Conformational Technology
This technology not only nano-sizes the molecules making them more effective at penetrating the skin barrier but also turns them into a hydrophobic, skin-friendly format. The skin is naturally hydrophobic and welcomes other substances which display hydrophobic characteristics.

Conformational Change Technology explained.

SCAI Therapeutics is the technology company that has developed the Conformational Change Technology that we use in our products, they call this MAOSIS Technology. This video explains how the Technology works.


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